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The Calkins Law Firm, Ltd. (“Calkins Law Firm”) is a premier boutique law firm. Our team specializes in business law with a focus on business transactions and business disputes. Though our work typically centers on the Ohio and New York markets, we also have extensive international law experience.

Our collective expertise differentiates us and enhances our ability to deliver excellence in business law. All of our attorneys are well-educated, top-rated, and together hold over 100 years of combined experience. Calkins Law Firm attorneys retain deep roots in their respective communities and take great pride in their work.

A Focus on Business

At Calkins Law Firm, our team of legal experts have broad backgrounds in business law. Our service is comprehensive, covering every type of legal matter pertaining to client businesses. And we are happy to represent clients of all sorts, whether from a defense or prosecutorial perspective.

Working together, as a group, we regularly review matters to ensure that every client and case are being well cared for. Our team embraces technology in their practice, and we utilize a variety of communication methods to efficiently handle cases. This allows us to be responsive and act quickly on client requests.

Clients Come First

At Calkins Law Firm we are wholeheartedly committed to our clients. Providing genuine and reliable expertise in business law advice, counsel, and representation is our greatest honor. Our team brings a genuine and infectious passion to the work we do for each client, and we put a high value on personal relationships. To that end we’re driven to stay up-to-date and use our hard-earned knowledge to support and further client causes.

We also strive to be top-notch listeners. When it’s time to communicate, we aim to do so clearly so that clients walk away knowing that we did our level best for them. Our commitment to excellent client service is a deep-seated principle and this is just one way that we instill confidence.

Technology Sets Us Apart

Calkins Law Firm is a new age, virtual law firm. Since our very beginnings we have made full use of technology, minimizing unnecessary overhead. Instead of wasteful spending, we firmly believe in delivering expert advice and high-quality client service while keeping costs to a minimum.

Our modern take on the traditional law firm is what we refer to as “value-added business law,” and our clients love us for it. The legal team also appreciates the freedom of working virtually. Because we’ve been at this work long before it became the norm, we’ve had time to perfect our approach. So we can easily gather the needed resources to effectively handle any business law case, even at a distance.

Choose Calkins Law Firm

Options are innumerable when searching for legal counsel. Siding with a team that has vast experience is an obvious choice. But here at Calkins Law Firm we also have a genuine interest in and dedication to our clients’ success. We’ll never hesitate to be honest and open – the basis of any good relationship. Clients come first, and we are always looking for ways to better our service.

Calkins Law Firm was designed and built with the future in mind. Come what may, we are here to serve, support, and address concerns virtually. For more information, and to inquire about joining our team, please reach out via our Careers page.

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