Contingency Fee Litigation

Situations in which clients pay no upfront fees but instead compensate their legal team from recovery gains are referred to as contingency fee litigation. The specifics of this style of compensation arrangement will differ between firms. From early days Calkins Law Firm has taken up various claims on a contingent fee basis. These cases have always been well within our wheelhouse, tapping into our areas of expertise.

After a thorough review of the facts and relevant law, we found that the underlying claims had tremendous merit. There was more than a substantial basis to anticipate a satisfactory resolution, whether at trial or upon settlement. Put simply, we felt that we could win. Having that strong belief from the outset meant that any time, effort, and investment we put into the case was warranted.

We continue to take on contingency fee cases that fit these parameters. That said, we want to be clear that the circumstances that would allow us to take on a contingency case are limited and strict: we need to be experts in the topic at hand and have a strong belief in success. For other matters we typically bill either on a straight hourly or fixed fee basis. If our prospective client is able to fund litigation on a straight hourly basis then that is generally what we’d recommend to secure optimal recovery benefits.

When Contingency Fee Litigation Makes Sense

Our experience dictates the types of cases that we will accept on a contingency fee basis. Handling cases in this way naturally involves additional risk to our firm, and so as a matter of course we are very selective. However, if we find that the claim is compelling, then this risk is warranted. Add to this the reality that a potential client might otherwise be left without recourse and our taking the case is further justified.

In cases where the prospective client is not in a position to underwrite legal fees and other anticipated expenses that are naturally generated during litigation, we offer two options. In service of the client and to facilitate a fair and equitable resolution, we will consider accepting it either as a straight contingent fee matter, or as a hybrid arrangement. In the latter, the client is responsible for the portion of the legal fees and expenses that they can reasonably afford, and the remaining balance is handled on a contingent fee basis.

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Calkins Law Firm is proud to always offer our clients expert legal work combined with unparalleled value. Cases and situations vary, but in the end, we are always out for our clients’ best interests. It’s our goal to resolve matters in the most efficient way possible and prevent any waste of clients’ time and treasure.

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