Kathy Perales


Email: kathy@perales.law

Phone: 440-574-0290

Kathy Perales is an experienced intellectual property attorney and has practiced law for over 20 years in both Ohio and Texas.

An MIT graduate, she has studied English, chemistry, and law to put together an ideal skill set for her area of expertise. Mrs. Perales currently specializes in intellectual property matters including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret law. With her collective abilities she can aid clients through the registration process while accurately and persuasively describing, defending, and advocating for their inventions, creations, and trademarks.

Mrs. Perales was inspired to take up patent law by her inventive, patent-holding, and entrepreneurial husband. She has since been able to assist clients and others – including family members and an enterprising high school student – to bring their ideas to fruition.

For Mrs. Perales, intellectual property is a valuable resource that is worth protecting. She doesn’t advocate for conflict, instead educating clients on their rights and value while encouraging them to assert themselves when necessary. Kathy Perales well knows the importance of weighing costs and benefits, risks and rewards, and enjoys the analytical process. She draws from this knowledge to assist her clients in patent best practices. Mrs. Perales has also aided clients in establishing both for profit and nonprofit ventures and has experience in obtaining 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Having served as general counsel for a number of small corporations, Kathy Perales continues to advise businesses in Ohio and Texas. She enjoys speaking about intellectual property law to community groups, trade associations, entrepreneurial clubs, and economic development agencies.

On a more personal note, Mrs. Perales understands that reaching children during their formative years is key to their success. Her three children are testament to this truth – consistent, meaningful efforts have helped them to become the mathematicians and scientists that they are today. And so Mrs. Perales now takes every opportunity to advocate for ways to make learning fun and accessible for others’ children, especially in reference to math and STEM education. She is also involved in speaking at pitch competitions, where she is happy to share her knowledge with competing students. Her background in science and her love of education makes her the ideal science fair judge, and she has been a part of many competitions.

Both in her life and work, Kathy Perales revels in finding the intersection of creativity and scientific innovation. Whether she is meticulously note taking, brainstorming, or analyzing processes, she is always inquisitive, ever curious. Her qualities lend themselves perfectly to her professional endeavors, but Mrs. Perales’ inherently perceptive nature also finds expression in gardening, cooking, reading, and supporting her local Oberlin arts community. The Oberlin College opera and the Oberlin Heritage Center are two organizations that she proudly supports.

Love of education is a connecting thread through all that Kathy Perales does, and she brings that same spirit to Calkins Law firm. Mrs. Perales is dedicated to keeping her clients up to date, informed, and a key part of the legal process. Questions and discussion will always be welcomed and encouraged.

Community Involvement:

Executive Committee Member of OBP, Oberlin Business Partnership
Volunteer legal advisor for the business owners enrolled in Cleveland’s Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program
Current member and past small business/small firm committee co-chair of CIPLA, the Cleveland Intellectual Property Law Association
Past co-president of CCIPC, Cleveland Corporate IP Counsel

Assists and advises various nonprofits:

Hope For a Cure For ALZ – Alzheimer’s research and support
Oberlin Du Bois Project – math and STEM education focused on underrepresented minorities
BOFE Lupus Foundation Inc. – lupus and autoimmune patient support
The Prodigal Father – Catholic prayer
Oberlin Community Land Trust – affordable housing
Solar United Neighbors of Ohio – solar energy advocacy