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In the agricultural industry, two main things that can steal your peace of mind are (1) those stubborn farm pests or predators and (2) the risk of potential loss of your property. We know you can manage the pests and predators, but you need an experienced attorney to keep your property safe from the government.

At Calkins Law Firm, we’re exclusively focused on helping agricultural business owners like you through complex processes like land use planning and development, obtaining permits and licenses, zoning compliance, litigations, thorough due diligence, and many more. 

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With over 100 years of combined business law experience, our attorneys are here to help you achieve:

Peace of Mind 

Optimized Land Usage

Dispute Resolution 

Environmental Compliance

Cost Savings

Legal Compliance

Property Rights Protection

Streamlined Permitting 

Risk Mitigation

Let’s be your window to trouble-free agricultural business operations, starting from satisfying the legal framework of your real estate property. Request a free consultation with our attorneys today.

Understanding the Legal Framework of Land Use and Zoning

Every commercial real estate (CRE) property you buy, including farms and ranches, is subjected to local and state zoning regulations. These laws allow governments to plan and regulate how commercial property is used within their jurisdiction and how they’re allocated to maintain a well-structured community.


These regulations are often too complicated for real property buyers and require the help of a specialized attorney, as failure to comply might result in adverse consequences. You may be facing legal penalties such as fines and citations, cease and desist orders, injunctions, loss of property rights, civil lawsuits, and even property devaluation, as potential buyers may be discouraged by the legal troubles associated with the land.

We will eliminate that worry and help you find complete peace of mind by ensuring your property is fully compliant with these zoning laws and free from legal and civil trouble. Send us a message today to discuss your property concerns.

Our Client-Focused Land Use and Zoning Services

We provide an array of land use and zoning services for commercial real estate owners, including farmlands and ranches. Here’s what our offerings look like:


1. Zoning Compliance, Permits, And Variances

Our team will help you understand and comply with local zoning regulations, ensuring that your land use activities are within legal boundaries. We’ll ensure you obtain all the required permits and variances to use your land for specific reasons that may not conform to existing zoning regulations.

2. Land Use Planning And Development

We’ll guide you through the development of your property and ensure that proposed projects comply with zoning codes. Our experts will conduct thorough regulatory analysis, feasibility studies, site assessments, and environmental impact assessments. We’ll also provide support for ongoing maintenance, operational considerations, or any follow-up requirements, such as renewing permits.

3. Environmental Compliance

We’ll help to conduct a compliance audit to evaluate whether your current operations or plans align with existing environmental regulations. Our attorneys will help you obtain the required environmental permits and licenses and provide risk mitigation services to eliminate the chances of getting in trouble with neighbors and the law.

4. Property Disputes And Litigation

Disputes are common in real estate matters, but you’ll never have to worry about getting in one, as our attorneys are here to get you out and find the best possible solution for you. We’ll represent you in cases of land use disputes, boundary disputes, or conflicts with neighbors, helping to negotiate favorable resolutions.

5. Land Purchase or Lease Due Diligence

Before you buy any real estate property for your agricultural business, our attorneys will thoroughly investigate and legally analyze the land for potential zoning and land use violations, ensuring that your investment is secure and safe from legal troubles.

6. Permit Appeals

If your permit has been denied or you believe you’ve received an unfavorable land use and zoning verdict, we can help you overturn the order by challenging it in court. We negotiate with government authorities to reach satisfactory conditions that help you achieve your business goals.

We’ll also help with other land use and zoning services, including:

  • Mixed Use Projects
  • Special Use Permits, Variances And Special Exceptions
  • Developer Agreements
  • Rezoning
  • Real estate valuation
  • Land tax issues
  • Redevelopment
  • Site Plans
  • Certificates Of Appropriateness In Historic Districts
  • Subdivisions, etc.

Choose Calkins Law Firm Agricultural Land Use and Zoning

With more than 100 years of experience serving in the business law industry, we’ve gained the experience and expertise required to keep you from legal and environmental trouble, save your property, and keep your investment secure and promising.

Calkins Law Firm is a boutique business law firm helping small, medium, and large agricultural businesses find absolute peace of mind and confidence running their operations and resolving disputes. 


We guarantee you excellent, client-focused services by upholding our core values — The 5 E’s:

  • Empathy: You’re the most important aspect of our services. We strive to fully understand your concerns in order to provide tailored solutions.
  • Expertise: Calkins Law Firm is focused solely on business-related matters. We’ve spent decades helping clients like you and have gained in-depth understanding and expertise in the industry.
  • Experience: Every attorney at our firm has spent at least two decades serving in this industry and coming out victorious. Let’s put that experience to work for you.
  • Enthusiasm: We love and enjoy helping business owners achieve their objectives. We’re proud of the services we offer and the results we deliver. We’re more than excited to represent you.
  • Ethics: Our attorneys at Calkins Law Firm are committed professionals operating under rules of professional responsibility. We’re committed to doing right by our clients and ensuring discipline, transparency, and accountability in our service offerings.

We look forward to bringing all our experience, expertise, and commitment to working with you to guarantee safety, security, and peace of mind as you use your property.

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