How to Avoid Commercial Litigation

Avoid Commercial Litigation, or Be Prepared For It, By Carefully Documenting All Incidents

While commercial litigation is wonderful business for our new model law firm, we will always do our level best to assist clients to avoid controversies, or at least resolve them short of litigation.

Carefully keep records to be prepared if commercial litigation ever occurs.

From our experience, business people need to retain all records and build a complete file as if they expect eventual litigation.

The more carefully and thoroughly a business keeps meticulous records, the less likely the business is to experience litigation, and the more likely any litigation is to settle early and favorably.

So, as they say, always hope for the best, but plan for the worst.   Keep comprehensive records, keep any and all notes, and build a file.

The more thoroughly a business keeps records and documents conversations, the less likely it is to end up in court. And if the business does end up in litigation, the sooner the matter is likely to settle and the more favorable the settlement terms are likely to be.

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