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The education, ratings, expertise and experience of the largest of law firms with the efficiency, agility, responsiveness and value of a modern, decentralized legal practice.

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Every single matter we handle is facilitated by Ben Calkins directly. Our firm uses different legal resources to keep costs low but your primary point of contact will always be with Ben directly.

Access and Accountability

Our network of attorneys provides the value of a large firm at the cost of a modern, decentralized legal practice.

Buying a Business

Buying a business typically creates a binary outcome: hit or miss, success or failure. The biggests risks involved in the acquisition are often overlooked with sometimes disastrous consequences.

Selling a Business

Selling a business can be an extremely complicated endeavour and huge mistakes can be easily made. Such mistakes can be costly with the seller not being paid or being on the hook for substantial post-closing liabilities.

Business Disputes

Business disputes are like a visit to the dentist only the pain and discomfort can last 100 times as long. We have seen and handled the full spectrum of disagreements and there is a clear playbook for getting through the situations quickly and calmly.

Business Law Resources
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Why We Prepare Every Case for Trial | Business Lawyers

May 10, 2022

Few if any of the business litigation cases we handle will ever go to trial. Notwithstanding, we prepare for each case as though it will. Over the years our clients wonder about this, asking us why we would put in the effort to systematically prepare every business litigation case for trial in this way. Our…

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Your Price, My Terms: Getting to Yes on a Business Acquisition

May 10, 2022

Your Price, My Terms: Getting to Yes on a Business Acquisition Your Price, My Terms: Getting to Yes on a Business Acquisition Your Price, My Terms: Getting to Yes on a Business Acquisition Your Price, My Terms: Getting to Yes on a Business Acquisition Your Price, My Terms: Getting to Yes on a Business Acquisition…

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When Conducting An Acquisition Search, Be Both Systematic and Opportunistic

May 4, 2022

It occurs to me that when you search for an acquisition opportunity, it is very important to be both thoughtful and systematic. Take whatever time you need to carefully study and to determine what kind of business you seek to acquire. After a great deal of thought, determine what type of business you seek to…

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The Importance of Letters of Intent and Term Sheets in Business Acquisitions

April 27, 2022

I recommend that letters of intent, and term sheets, that cover all of the major business points concerning the contemplated transaction, be sufficiently detailed. Why? Because unless there is a fundamental agreement regarding the important business points between or among the parties to the transaction, there is little to no legitimate reason to invest additional…

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The Critical Importance of An Acquisition Action Plan

April 20, 2022

With any business acquisition, we recommend and prepare a comprehensive business acquisition strategy. Tax aspects of a contemplated acquisition should be considered before sending a letter of intent. At the top of the to-do list is a thorough consideration of all tax-related aspects of the contemplated business acquisition. Frankly, consideration of the tax consequences of…

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Finding a Business Acquisition By Creating a Deal Magnet

April 13, 2022

Recently a prospective client approached me for help with a business acquisition he hoped to make.  The prospect had yet to identify a suitable opportunity but knew he wanted to acquire a manufacturing business.  He spoke as well of forming a search partnership to make several additional acquisitions in coming years. I had the sense…

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