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Business contracts are designed to protect your interests but can contain ambiguous, incomplete, and vague terms, leading to misinterpretations. These misinterpretations can cost you your business, resources, peace of mind, and relationships with the other parties involved.

Don’t fall into a contract trap. Let our seasoned attorneys from Calkins Law Firm help you draft, review, manage, and negotiate your contract terms to save you from reputational damage, business disruptions, and costly legal battles.

With over one hundred years of combined experience in business law, our attorneys have worked with hundreds of business owners like you to eliminate future business risks, resolve contract disputes, negotiate better terms, and reach favorable agreements.

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How Do We Help You With Business Contracts?

At Calkins Law Firm, our attorneys are committed and dedicated to ensuring the outcome of your contracts helps you reach favorable agreements that tip the scale in your favor. Here’s how we can help you:


1. Drafting Business Contracts

Our expert business law attorneys will create legally binding contract agreements from scratch. We will carefully draft contracts customized to your specific needs, forming the basis of your business relationships and outlining rights, obligations, and expectations in clear and precise terms.

2. Reviewing Business Contracts

We’ll comprehensively examine your existing contract to assess its terms, potential risks, and legal compliance. Our attorneys will fish out ambiguities, inconsistencies, and potential issues within the contract to prevent you from entering unfavorable agreements.

3. Contract Negotiation

Our skilled attorneys will represent you during discussions with the other parties to reach mutually agreeable terms. We’re concerned about your interests and goals when negotiating these terms. We’ll negotiate on pricing, timelines, and liabilities to reduce risks and maximize benefits.

4. Contract Modification and Amendments

As your business grows, your contracts' terms, conditions, and agreements may change. When this happens, our attorneys will assist in modifying the contracts by adding or revising clauses, addressing unforeseen issues, or accommodating changes in business relationships. We’ll ensure your contracts remain relevant and enforceable.

5. Contract Termination and Exit Strategies

As a business entity, you have the right to terminate contracts when necessary. At Calkins Law Firm, we’ll develop exit strategies and help you understand your rights and obligations when ending contractual relationships. Our strategy protects you from legal disputes, financial penalties, or reputational damage when ending a business relationship.

6. Contract Compliance and Audits

Our attorneys assist in ensuring that your contracts remain in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We’ll conduct regular contract audits to help identify and rectify compliance gaps, avoid legal penalties, and maintain the integrity of your business.

7. Contract Dispute Resolution

In the event of a contract dispute, our professionals will represent you in resolving issues through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. We’ll advocate for your interests and pursue appropriate legal remedies to help protect your legal rights, minimize disruption to your business, and reach fair and timely resolutions.

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Benefits of Choosing Calkins Law Firm for Your Business Contracts

Calkins Law Firm is built on the 5 E’s of excellent legal services – Empathy, Expertise, Experience, Enthusiasm, and Ethics.


Empathy – Client-Centric

At Calkins Law Firm, your interests supersede everything else. We understand that your business is unique in many ways, so we take our time to listen to your concerns and understand the peculiar challenges you’re facing. Our tailored services focus on your goals, ensuring you achieve the best results possible for your business success.

Expertise – Business-Focused Law Firm

We’re a boutique law firm focusing only on business-related matters. This has helped us gain deep knowledge of this practice and the general business world. We’re focused on helping businesses like yours avoid litigation, maintain an excellent reputation, and succeed.

Experience – Over 100 Years

With over one hundred years of combined experience, our attorneys at Calkins Law Firm have all it takes to help you reach your business goals. Every attorney at Calkins Law Firm has at least two decades of experience drafting and reviewing contracts, resolving disputes, protecting business rights and interests, and negotiating favorable settlements.

Enthusiasm – We’re Ever-Ready

More than our expertise and experience in this practice, what sets us apart as a business law firm is our eagerness to represent our invaluable clients. As long as it concerns your interests, we’re ready to represent you.

Ethics – Excellent Business Conduct

At Calkins Law Firm, our ethical commitments are trust, integrity, and client-centered values. These are non-negotiable values our firm upholds. We’re on time, accurate, detail-oriented, and confident. 

Beyond our mode of service, we also uphold transparency with our fee structure. We discuss the fees with you during our free consultation with no commitments attached.

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Our attorneys at Calkins Law Firm are waiting to review your contract with you to help you find solid ground and enter into any business with complete confidence and peace of mind. 

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