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Whether you're a startup navigating the complexities of business formation or an established corporation seeking M&A brilliance, expert legal guidance from experienced attorneys is crucial. The goal is to empower your business with the legal foresight needed to thrive in a dynamic marketplace.

Calkins Law Firm is a boutique law firm redefining the landscape of corporate law services. We focus solely on helping business owners like you avoid legal pitfalls and challenges while navigating the complex business environment with confidence, peace of mind, and resilience.

Our attorneys have a minimum of one hundred years of combined experience and are ready to offer you the support you need to achieve your business goals.

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We Protect Your Business Interests

Our interests extend beyond representing you legally. We aim to safeguard what matters to you the most—your business interests. We’re not just your legal counsel; consider us your dedicated guardian and partner for your business aspirations.

Partner with us today to ensure your business NOT only survives the intricacies of legal and business matters but THRIVES in them. From ensuring compliance with industry regulations and protecting your intellectual property to resolving disputes with finesse, we’ll help you fortify the future of your business.

Our Comprehensive, Client-Focused Corporate Law Services

At Calkins Law Firm, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs while maintaining adherence to the law. Below are some of the areas and ways we’ll help your business:

Business formation

Venture capital and raising funds

Corporate governance

Stock redemption

Business and corporate finance

Labor and employment compliance

LLC and corporate dissolution and liquidation

Regulatory compliance

Data privacy and security

Tax law

Real estate transactions

Contract drafting and review

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Private equity

Securities law compliance

Intellectual property protection

Corporate audits

Shareholders dispute resolution

Corporate restructuring and bankruptcy

Environmental law compliance

Commercial litigation

Crisis management

We offer a broad selection of corporate law services, providing legal expertise, guidance, and support, contributing to the overall success, compliance, and resilience of your business.

Make Calkins Law Firm Your Trusted Legal Representative

At Calkins Law Firm, our attorneys have imbibed the culture of excellence by upholding what we recognize company-wide as the 5 E’s–Expertise, Experience, Empathy, Ethics, and Enthusiasm. Our clients love our results because of the following attributes.


1. Expertise and Experience

All our attorneys have a minimum of two decades of individual experience in business law. We have not only been working in this industry long enough but have also focused all our resources and time on ensuring business owners like you can navigate the world of corporate law with ease and confidence.

2. Client-Focused Strategies

Our primary focus is to serve you. Your concerns are our concerns as well as your victories. We pay utmost attention to your story and work hand-in-hand with you to find the best possible path to a fruitful resolution. We consider you first as a partner and then as a client.

3. Excellent Work Ethics

Another reason our plethora of successful clients have elected to continue working with us is our dedication to delivering exceptional services. We guarantee professionalism, timeliness, integrity and trustworthiness, effective communication, and thorough research and preparation for every project.

4. We’re a Technology-Driven Law Firm

Calkin Law Firm moves with and implements technological advancements in our practices. One of the ways we use technology in our practice is by conducting meetings via video conferencing. By setting up virtual meetings, we can discuss your challenges and reach a resolution faster and more cost-effectively.

5. Transparent and Reasonable Fees

Our fees are not the cheapest, neither are they the most expensive. However, we can assure you that the quality of services we provide outweighs the fees you’ll pay. Aside from charging a fair price for our excellent services, we also look for ways to cut down overall costs. One way is by conducting virtual meetings, and another is by offering a free consultation.

6. We’re a Niche Business Law Firm

At Calkins Law Firm, we don’t divert our attention. We focus only on helping business owners like you. This has helped us engage fully in business-related matters, coming victorious countless times and helping our clients navigate the complex business world. Let our attorneys represent you today.

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