International Law

International Law has become more important than ever to our business clients. As more businesses’ growth plans are contingent on stretching across sovereign borders, it is imperative that they employ the right legal team to navigate the varying laws and procedures required of a successful global business. If you need a global law practice, the Calkins Law Firm IS that legal team.

Our International Legal Team

Utilizing our extensive counsel network, Calkins Law firm has overseen successful business client interactions and development throughout the globe. In addition to our internal practice, Calkins Law Firm has developed one of the most trusted networks of international lawyers and experts in the United States.

Additionally, we have partnered with many of the most respected and sought after international law firms abroad to fill our extensive network with professionals. These associations make Calkins Law Firm advantageous to your business. These relationships allow us to provide a single point of contact, cost effective coordination and streamlined representation to our clients around the world.

Don’t take a chance with such a critical piece of your global growth. Entrust Calkins Law Firm to provide the International Law expertise you not only need, but deserve.

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