M&A in Northfield, OH-44067


Calkins Law Firm offers boutique merger and acquisition services in and around Northfield, OH-44067. This is a lean-and-mean, seasoned and hands-on approach to purchasing, selling and merging businesses. Private equity firms, financial sponsors and strategic investors alike come to us for the negotiation of everything from small minority stakes to ownership positions in large businesses. We also represent companies, boards, special committees and shareholders, helping them plan and achieve their exit strategies.

As an acquiring party, you may have something familiar in view. Alternatively, you may be seeking to step out of your typical competency zone. Either way, you will require professionals who know what to look for and how to quantify it. Only an experienced M&A lawyer who has been involved in hundreds of transactions can comprehensively address the relevant risks and evaluation criteria. Finding a target entity that fits these criteria requires often-rare connections and a tremendous amount of prospecting. We help with the financial analysis, valuation, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, due diligence, purchase agreement, disclosure schedules, real estate purchase, lease and non-compete agreements, among other things. Being boutique, Calkins Law Firm remains available and communicative, informed of your situation, allowing us to build long-standing collaborative relationships rooted in a deep appreciation for your strategic goals, whether you operate from Northfield, OH-44067 or elsewhere.