We have repeatedly engaged Ben Calkins

“We have repeatedly engaged Ben Calkins as expert counsel over the past 30 years; to help us address a veritable host of diverse legal matters; personal, as well as involving business acquisitions, real estate transactions, contract and other dispute resolution, various and difficult litigation matters, strategic corporate advice, and on occasion, to guide us through exceptionally complex and legally challenging corporate ‘issues’. In every instance Ben has Consistently and Confidentially exhibited well-honed skill sets and sound judgment, strong technical expertise, and an expansive breadth of core competencies accumulated from successfully serving a range of client industries. But most important of all; he has two (2) rare skills: The First; to actually ‘listen’, coupled with The Second; an equally superb core capacity to be able to then also distill viable ‘options’ from a quagmire of prerogatives and a cacophony of competing demands, with a stunning clarity of focus.”