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Over our years of practice we've seen cases that run the gamut in cost investments. Some clients have the funds to sink a cool million into due diligence. Others have much less. Clearly, the amount that we receive dictates the time and efforts we can spend. But regardless of our client's budget, they can all be sure of one thing: we always focus on what truly matters to their project.

For those who can spend more, it means that we're able to investigate anything and everything, chasing down every minor detail. It is relatively easy to throw the book at a project, from a legal standpoint. With a budget of $1 million we can paper up a transaction and document to the most lengthy and exhaustive degree. And sometimes we are asked to assist with these sorts of substantial transactions that boast comparable budgets.

But our heads are in the same place, whether the budget is massive or measured. For smaller transactions, there is no budget for "the kitchen sink" documentation and we need to really focus on what matters, both in due diligence and in legal work. That takes some decisive actions from our team. The fact that our transaction specialists average over 30 years of hands-on experience sure helps here. They can draw on that know-how to see traps or dead ends before they spend valuable time and effort chasing down false leads.

Our experts can surgically and cost effectively focus on the key elements and most vital parts of the case. But knowing what matters and what doesn't requires depth of experience and sound judgement. These skills can only be developed over time, and on the job. After assisting with hundreds of business transactions of all sizes, involving a full range of industries, the title of expert is rightfully well-earned.

Legal Experience and Expertise at The Ready

At Calkins Law Firm we are proud to offer our clients high-quality, in-depth service, regardless of budget. From large complex transactions to smaller cases, our team is always ready to tackle clients' requests with a cost-effective eye. Focusing on and doing only that which truly matters is what allows for this, and it's what has enabled us to grow and thrive. If you want to work with a legal team that understands the value of your time and money, look no further. Reach out today to learn more about us and the legal help we offer.

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Benjamin Calkins

Benjamin Calkins

Ben Calkins is a well-educated, top-rated, and highly experienced business law attorney.

Ben Calkins is an honors graduate of Harvard College and the University of Michigan Law School. After law school, he clerked for a Federal Judge before joining one of the World’s largest law firms, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey. Mr. Calkins has also worked at, and been a partner in, several of the most prominent “old style law firms” in the World.