Trending Tech: What All Small Businesses Should Have

Guest post by Courtney Rosenfeld, Gig Spark

Technology plays an indispensable role in the daily operations of millions of companies across the world. With IT spending on the rise and new developments each year, it's no surprise that organizations both large and small are looking for more ways to implement technology. For small business owners, the latest tech can often seem out of reach. The latest gadgets, software, and trends can be too pricey to be justifiable. In reality, however, there is some tech that small businesses simply can't do without. In this article, we'll take a look at some technologies that all small businesses should have.

Data Recovery Specialists

Most small companies rely on their general tech know-how rather than hiring a specialized IT team. While this strategy will work 95 percent of the time, you'll want to hire professionals for that unforeseeable 5 percent. Whenever your database or computer crashes, you'll need an expert to help recover all important information and data. The same is true if your company suffers an email scam or phishing attack. A company such as Secure Data Recovery can help you retrieve all important information and get your business running smoothly again with minimal productivity loss. It's not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with one of these providers and keep them on retainer for a quick turn around when disaster strikes.

Data Security Programs

Small businesses are entrusted by their customers and clients to protect credit card information, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, and more. It's not enough for companies to simply house and organize this data without having some sort of proactive security measure. Data security programs are the leading tech in information protection. Not only will small companies benefit from these programs, but some laws actually require the protection to be put in place. Fortunately, a data security program can be purchased at a reasonable rate.

Website Implementation and Hosting

In the 21st century, having a dedicated website to represent your company online should be a given. With an impressive 55 percent of customers checking online for reviews before deciding on a purchase and 47 percent searching for a company's website, business owners have the potential to meet a large consumer base online. There are numerous programs that will help the uninitiated to build a professional website from scratch without costing too much. Small businesses should also invest in top-notch hosting that can ensure faster load times for their customers and greater protection online.

Cloud Computing

The cloud is a familiar tech advancement that people use on a daily basis with their phones or computers. Although the technology is similar, small businesses can use cloud computing for increased flexibility, automation, and scalability. Cloud computing offers small companies wireless access to powerful servers and other technology that only used to be accessible to the wealthiest businesses. The possibility of remote work is another major advantage given to small businesses that are operating across multiple different states or countries.

Email Management Software

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not out of date. Even though social media use is on the rise, email is still 40 times more effective than marketing via social media platforms. People still seem to prefer receiving and managing business-related messages in their inbox. Small businesses would benefit from investing in email management suites that make it easier to organize, create, and send out campaigns to potential customers.

Small businesses are often faced with the challenge of finding tech investments that can provide a suitable ROI in the long run. With a proper understanding of your company's needs and relevant industry data, owners should be able to find the right technologies to help take their companies to the next level without breaking the bank.

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